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History of the HotDog

Crystal Dogs is here to "carry out" the legacy of the great Hot Dog

Crystal Dogs' Chili is Made with Love and is Bursting with flavor.

Our Southern Recipe will have you wanting more.

Hot Dogs play an important part in our history. It is said that the Hot Dog/Sausage can be traced back 500 years ago in 1484 during the Roman Empire. That was at least 8 years before Columbus set sail to the United States. The Modern Day Hotdog that we see today is said to have originated  from Germany in the 1860's. As German immigrants migrated to New York City, they began selling them on carts to the public and it has been a favorite food in this country ever since.


Crystal Dogs LLC recognizes the history of the Hot Dog and is determined to provide you with a great Hot Dog Experience. Come Eat and Enjoy with us.

Come experience Crystal Dogs! We are ready to serve.

We offer everyday special menu items. Come and see what we have today.